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It wasn’t a choice. I had to make it work. My job was gone, my side hustle went bust, and all I had left was one software tool that I was selling for $99, and that wasn’t paying the bills.

I had to do something quickly. Expenses were mounting, my savings were evaporating.

I was desperate

I brainstormed for days, making a list of every possible way I could make money with my simple little product… because I had to. It took a week, but I came up with 15 ideas that I could try. I tried the first five on Monday. A few worked, just a little, so back to the drawing board. Five more ideas, then five more. And then it happened.

My sales started increasing daily AND finally, my profits multiplied! I didn’t stop there. I did more research, tried more ideas, and every day I saw progress.

It wasn’t because any single idea was so genius.

It was because I tried ALL of them…

I discovered which ones worked and which ones didn’t.

I kept going until I had exhausted all the possibilities. I tweaked and I adjusted, never satisfied until I knew exactly 

what brought success and better still… more profits!

I am Mitch Russo and I sold that little company for over $10M and went on to build a new company with Tony Robbins.

Now I've distilled that list into an assessment-based "Action Plan" which you can use today to increase your profits, by paying attention to details most people miss.

All businesses operate on the same principle: create, buy or invent something and sell it. Yet so many people who own businesses don’t realize how many opportunities there are to stack additional profits onto that original product or service you are now selling. I want to show you how to do just that!

My latest eBook, Profit Stacking Secrets, will show you how you can scale your profits faster than you thought possible, using a series of thought-provoking, profit gushing questions and unique ideas that will empower you to see many new ways to make money. 

As a company founder, business coach, and advisor, I help my clients make more money. I’ve shared my discoveries, made over the last 30 years, in this new eBook and made it easy for you to start immediately!

In Profit Stacking Secrets, You Will Learn to:

The World Has Changed. It’s Time To Act.

The old way of doing things just doesn’t work as well any more.

You are about to get all the possible ways you can expand your company. This eBook includes tips on marketing, sales, automation, systems, a full tutorial and much more.

Go through this massive checklist, item by item, and implement as many suggestions as you can in the first few days. Watch what happens. Then go back and pick a few more.

Over 100 profit generating strategies that make you more money Today!

Attention Business Coaches!

Using this as your checklist will seriously improve your results with your clients. I’ve used it for years to gather as much information about my clients before we even speak for the first time. 

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“I Have Advanced To New Levels!”

“After working with Mitch a very short period of time, my customer lifetime value more than doubled as a result of the strategies that Mitch showed me. And so because of that, my business is now growing. I have advanced to new levels of growth. I’m hiring more people and overall success of the business has increased just to some of the strategies that Mitch has shown me.”


“I’ve increased my prices by 25% and is on track to double next year!”

“I met Mitch Russo who became my coach, and he took my vision to an even higher level than I had imagined.  And I’m a pretty big thinker, but he saw things for me that I would never have even attempted or thought about.  And better than that, even he gave me the tools to achieve it.  He helped me change my business model, my pricing structure, the way I deliver my services to people.  And, I’m on track next year, 2020 to double my income.”


“Nothing Short of Awesome!”

“My experience has been nothing short of awesome. Mitch has a very clear communication style, communicates business strategy in very precise step-by-step fashion. I followed the steps and they work and they are still working. My business is growing.”


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