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Get the Client Assessment Spreadsheet that will save you 5 hours building your marketing plan AND as a coach, onboard new clients!

Congratulations, The Profit Stacking Secrets eBook is already on the way to your inbox. Want more?

My Spreadsheet Assessment will guarantee your productivity and help you stay accountable to your goals. It will add to and complement the eBook you already purchased and make it even more valuable.

This is a ONE TIME OFFER: Add the Google Doc: Profit Stacking Assessment Spreadsheet for this ridiculously low price.

Track your own progress as you add new clients, while making notes about EVERY NEW IDEA You implement. Easy to use even if you hate spreadsheets!

It includes every profit-packed suggestion in the book, right on this spreadsheet!

You can make notes, add additional elements, and multiply your efforts. It grows as you do.

And… the handy Financial Dashboard overview is designed to help you make decisions more easily, as it shows you where your most profitable niches are. 

Attention Coaches!

If you are a coach, you can customize the spreadsheet any way you like, and share it with your clients. 

Since it’s a Google Doc, you can let your clients access their own dashboard, and together you can monitor their progress.

Once you customize it, you can claim it as your own client assessment system and have new clients fill it out even before you have your first session knowing everything about your client even before you begin.

And your client is impressed right off the bat giving you great insights into your client’s journey even before you speak to them.

Be more productive, get more insight into your own business and end up with a business coaching roadmap for every new client you enroll!

Normally $99 

Today Only$19.97 


Lifetime access included! 

No monthly payments – it’s yours to change and modify, share, and profit from as you like. 

Add this now at a price you will NEVER see again.


And for a limited time, all Updates are included, FREE! 

People all over the world send in suggestions that they’ve found useful. As we incorporate them, you receive them at no additional cost! We’ll even email you when changes are made. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing spreadsheet that will turn your eBook into a system for success!

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